ickets and other practicalities  In a visit to the official site, visitors will cover 1.5 km (about 1 mile) of the underground tunnels on an hour-long visit. The route through Les Catacombes begins at its spacious 2018-opened entrance av du Colonel Rol-Tanguy. Walk down 131 spiral steps to reach the ossuary itself, with a mind-boggling amount of bones and skulls of millions of Parisians neatly packed along the walls. The exit is up 112 steps via a minimalist all-white 'transition space' with a gift shop at 21bis av René Coty, 14e. The surface is uneven and can be slippery—sturdy shoes are essential. It's not suitable for young children. People with claustrophobia may experience some anxiety in the confined environment. Also note that it is not wheelchair accessible—there's no lift and no ramp, only stairs. The temperature remains at a cool 14°C (57°F). A maximum of 200 people are allowed in the tunnels at a time and queues can be huge—when the queue ex